District News

- Harrods Creek’s new CBRN response boat by MetalShark is nearing completion. Expected delivery to the District is mid-December.



-Engine 1235 was delivered in September of 2016 and placed into service out of Harrods Creek Station 2 located on River Road. After the completion of the remodel, E1235 will be relocated to St Matthews Station 2 on Brownsboro Road.


-Unfortunately all routes of securing funding for the staffing of Rescue 1288 have failed. Harrods Creek Fire was denied a SAFER grant from FEMA and no federal, state or local funding options are currently available to continue staffing the specialty unit with a dedicated company. Budgetary funding at the department level is not fiscally possible in part due to fire protection taxing districts still being capped at $0.10 per $100 assessed value, which has not been revised since the 1950s.
Completion of the East End Bridge and Tunnel Project forces layoff at Harrods Creek Fire Department
- Harrods Creek continues to search for funding for Rescue 1288 to respond to incidents involving the East End Bridge/Tunnel as well as technical rescues throughout Jefferson County  -

-Harrods Creek has awarded Sutphen Fire Apparatus and CustomFire Apparatus the contract for building the replacement pumper for Engine 1233 located at Station 26-2. Committee members have completed the pre-construction process and the truck is scheduled in production to be complete by late summer of 2016. The current Engine 1233 is a 1995 Spartan/CustomFire and will be placed into reserve status.

-Harrods Creek has awarded Metal Shark Boats of Louisiana the contract to replace Boat 1291 with a custom 34′ CBRN response boat. Harrods Creek Fire Protection was awarded a Homeland Security Port Security grant to replace our aging boat. The new 1291 will be an asset to Metro Louisville in its ability to provide radiological monitoring and detection as well as normal Fire/Rescue Response capabilities. Delivery expected by December of 2016.