District News

- Harrods Creek is accepting applications for new Part Time Employees. Check our Careers page for more info

- Harrods Creek’s new CBRN response boat by MetalShark is has been delivered and placed into service at Limestone Marina off River Road. Crews have been training on the boat on a regular basis to get familiar with it’s operation and maneuvering. WDRB News came for a ride along



-Engine 1235 was delivered in September of 2016 and placed into service out of Harrods Creek Station 2 located on River Road. After the completion of the remodel, E1235 will be relocated to St Matthews Station 2 on Brownsboro Road.


Older News

-Unfortunately all routes of securing funding for the staffing of Rescue 1288 have failed. Harrods Creek Fire was denied a SAFER grant from FEMA and no federal, state or local funding options are currently available to continue staffing the specialty unit with a dedicated company. Budgetary funding at the department level is not fiscally possible in part due to fire protection taxing districts still being capped at $0.10 per $100 assessed value, which has not been revised since the 1950s.
Completion of the East End Bridge and Tunnel Project forces layoff at Harrods Creek Fire Department